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Selena Gomez – Good For You

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Welcome to Selena Gomez world. This is Good For You, singers brand new hit song which just got released and is climbing on charts globally. Download Original Notes Piano Tutorial & Cover Artics Pictures

Major Lazer – Lean On

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Learn to play famous Lean On song by Major Lazer, which has been a hit on Billboard and charts worldwide for weeks now. Download Original Notes Video Cover & Tutorial Artist Images & Pictorial

Wiz Khalifa – See You Again feat. Charlie Puth

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Have you wondered how to learn to play See You Again (from Furious 7 OST) by famous rapper and artist Wiz Khalifa? Download Original Notes About The Score & Chords This is a 9-page score written by Andrew Cedar, Justin Franks, Charlie Puth and Cameron Thomaz. Currently it’s available for backup vocals, piano and voice […]

Rachel Platten – Fight Song

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It’s easy to learn to play Rachel Platten and her brand new global hit called Fight song. This piece of work, released just recently (in 2015) has been even featured on Billboard Hot 100. Download sheet music notes & chords here. Download Original Notes About The Scoring, Sheet Music and Chords This piece was co-written […]